About Us
Our mission is to search quality Beauty products, International groceries, Seasonal products
and Local delights to our customers. It's a one stop Mart in KL.
We welcome wholesaler and retailer to contact us.  
Rasa Sayang 2U Sdn Bhd was formed in 2012 as a trading company.
We trade in and import all commodities from apparel, skin care, cosmetics to food and beverage products.
We operate our business under our brands, Gouni and Rasa Sayang 2U online and offline,
targetiing B2C segment. We also work strategically with our B2B partners.
GOUNI and RAsa sayang 2U
Gouni started as an E-commerce company in 2019. It is the solely distributor in Malaysia for Dr Nuell Korea.
Rasa Sayang 2U representing several wellknown consumable products such as Ghee Heang's (Penang),
Rui Xiang confectionery's (Muar, Johor), BKC (since 1950) which is famous for its almond beverage.